AH!LASKA® came from Alaska! That's right! Let me tell you the story!

A very cool couple who owned a bakery in Homer, Alaska were trying to teach their little boy – a boy who loved chocolate – about their home in Alaska. The Alaskan wilderness. It's stupendously beautiful there. Huge mountains, icey glaciers, miles of sky and tons of wonderful wildlife. This little boy had spent his whole life in Alaska, and his parents always taught him about how important it was to protect his environment and the wildlife that he could see from his bedroom window.

And he loved his chocolate!

So his Mom and Dad, who worked all day in the bakery making delicious goodies, thought maybe they'd help teach him more about chocolate. To do this they created AH!LASKA – a deeelicious chocolatey syrup made from rich organic chocolate so it didn’t have all the stuff you usually find – and don't want – in the regular chocolate syrups you buy in the store. They taught him that what he eats makes a difference to the environment. Growing food organically uses no nasty chemicals and usually less mechanical machinery so it doesn’t hurt the earth.

So, you see, AH!LASKA was one of the first organic, fat free, and kosher chocolate syrups on the market. It's fabulously tasty and is a big hit with kids and to anyone who wants a good alternative to the every-day chocolatey drink.

AH!LASKA’S chocolate syrups are delicious mixed into your favorite milk beverage or as a topper to your favorite ice cream or baked dessert! You can be your very own bakery! AH!Bear has been around for a long time and is still teaching kids about the environment. He loves yummy foods and hopes you do to!