A good website with lots of kid-friendly information on recycling, et cetera.: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/recycle.htm - takes you to more great sites for kids...

The big thing you hear about these days is recycling – which is basically reusing. That means not throwing something out just because you don't want it. Somebody else may want it, or maybe it can be turned into something else. You'd be amazed! A soda bottle can be made into a T-shirt!

Here's just a few things you can recycle
• plastic bags • soda cans • soda bottles
• milk bottles • glass jars • cardboard
• printer ink cartridges • cell phones • newspapers
• junk mail

You can help your Mom and Dad a lot by collecting these things and putting them in a special place to take to the dump! But make sure to check with them first.

Here's some more fun things you can do to save energy and change your own "footprint". Some of them you can do when you're with your Mom and Dad – some you can do on your own...

Ways to change your own "footprint"
• use less water – when you're brushing your teeth turn the faucet off • use less electricity – turn your light off when you leave your bedroom
• use less wrapping paper when you're wrapping something • when you unwrap a present, do it carefully and save the paper to use again
• use less toilet paper • only buy what you need and then use it all up – or give away what you don't want
• buy toys with less packaging – it's a waste • don't always take a plastic grocery bag from the store if you can carry things in your hands
• use plastic grocery store bags for other things – like a trash bag • recycle grocery plastic bags at the store
• have your Mom or Dad use cloth grocery bags instead of plastic • use your own sports bottle to take drinks out with you (make sure you wash it afterwards)
• have your Mom or Dad buy reusable razors – not the disposable ones • give toys you don't want to a friend
• repair things when they break – like your bicycle. Don't buy a new one. • donate things you don't want to charity
• hold a yard sale of good things you don't use any more • buy from yard sales if they have something you need
• start a garden - food that you grow yourself is healthy, nutritious, and no other energy was used to produce it • start a compost pile or compost with worms – vermiculture, it's great fun! All the vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, and tea bags can make compost for your garden
• Don't throw away anything that can be recycled!